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Private French lessons in Montpellier

LSF-French-one-to-one-lessonsLSF’s private French lessons is the best way to rapidly improve in any specific parts of the French language. If you are looking for rapid progress in specific vocabulary or grammar, preparation for academic or professional purposes or a quicker improvement in any other specific area, these tailored French lessons are for you!

Theses French one-to-one classes are customized to your needs and you can define your own schedule and course objectives together with your teacher in order to best reach your goals. One-to-one courses are for students of any level, beginner to advanced. The content of the classes is entirely up to the student and is the best way to reach a higher proficiency in specific areas or for particular purposes: academic, professional or personal.

Before starting the private lessons a needs analysis can be performed after which any specific materials you wish to be included in the lessons can be sent to LSF before arrival.

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