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French Courses for Teachers: learning new methods

LSF offers a specific training programme for French teachers living and working out of France (primary school, high school, college). It is available all year long and the minimum level required for teachers is B1 according to the CECR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Before arrival at LSF, teachers will take a level test and will then be placed in a class adapted to their needs.

The objective of this course is to give teachers the keys to help them develop the writing and oral skills of their students whilst learning new methods for the preparation of their courses. All the activities in class allow the teachers to familiarise themselves with the French language and culture and to facilitate the teaching methods used for a specific grammar point.

In addition to the 20 Standard group lessons in the morning, students take specific group lessons some afternoons which are specially designed for French teachers.
20 Standard group lessons of 45 minutes each in the morning (15 hours)
+ 10 specific group lessons of 45 minutes each 3 afternoons per week (3x2h30)
= 22h30 of French classes per week.

In the mornings teachers follow the Standard course at their appropriate level. They develop their grammatical and communication skills, enrich their vocabulary and get new ideas and learn new teaching techniques by observing the LSF teachers.
In the afternoons, teachers follow specific classes which are organised as lively workshops where each participant is encouraged to participate actively, exchanging experiences and teaching methods.

LSF uses the task-based approach. Thanks to this method, students develop the five skills of the CECR (Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading comprehension, Oral interaction). For every important grammar point, this course offers activities specially designed to study this lesson. A wide range of activities are proposed, only based on authentic documents (media, press, photos, films, internet, songs, games…) for non-French speakers from beginner level (A1) to the C1 level (according to the CECR). At the end of the course, teachers will get a full range of turnkey activities adapted to the levels they are teaching.


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