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LSF on the cutting edge of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Education

With over 20 years of experience in the teaching of FLE (French as a Foreign Language), LSF is now revolutionising its teaching methods thanks to new tools on the cutting edge of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Education. During their stay, LSF students can now enjoy a full pack of tools and services  unique in Montpellier !

LSF Moodle platform
This platform offers LSF students with online additional courses, the songs they studied during the Intensive courses, self-correcting exercices. An ideal tool to improve their French on their own during their stay al LSF and even back home !

Moodle LSF

LSF app for Smartphone
Since March 2015 LSF app for Smartphone enables the students to access to their classes schedule or to their host family contacts directly from their mobile phone.

IMG_4311 IMG_4312

Interactive Flat Panels

In April 2015 LSF has installed 3 interactive flat panels from the SMARTboard range. This investment is part of an educational and excellence initiative undertaken by the school and will continue in 2016 with the purchase of further panels.

These new interactive flat panels, already present in 80% of British classrooms – as opposed to a mere 8% in France – are totally innovative in their interactive and multimedia approach. Students unanimously agree that they clearly provide an added value in terms of interaction, dynamism and add variety to the media used in class. Classes now include the use of the latest multimedia resources which promote oral comprehension, production and interaction.

LSF teachers have followed a specific training course in order to master the use of these new panels and to help them create new teaching materials, activities and games.


« La Gazette LSF », a blog and social network
This blog, consultable by all since April 2015, is a real showcase of our pedagocical know-how. All the readers can access to information sources proposed by the LSF teachers. Articles, news, forums, books extracts, songs, recipes etc.

From “La Gazette LSF”, LSF students and ex-students can also communicate between themselves ! This social network has 2 goals : allow students interuactions and offer a pedagogical assistance with tips and corrections of the messages by the LSF teachers. It is also used in class since April 2015.

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