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French Intensive course (20 + 6) or (20 + 10): strengthen your oral skills

The French Intensive course is the best option for those who rapidly want to improve their overall knowledge of French and strengthen their oral skills. This course is available all year long, for all levels of French. The class size is often 8 students, with a maximum of 10 students per class.

This course focuses on oral comprehension, production and interaction. Students work thoroughly on phonetics. There is no grammar taught in this afternoon course, but the grammatical tools studied in the Standard course are reused and applied. A different subject is treated each week to allow the students to exchange and to discuss. All the material used is produced from Francophone media (videos, radio programs, documentaries).

In addition to the  20 Standard group lessons in the morning, the students take 6 or 10 additional group lessons in the afternoons:

  • Intensive 20 + 620 Standard group lessons of 45 minutes each in the morning (15 hours)
    + 6 additional group lessons (2 x 2h15) 2 afternoons a week
    = 19h30 of French classes per week.
  • Intensive 20 + 10: 20 Standard group lessons of 45 minutes each in the morning (15 hours)
    + 10 additional group lessons (3x 2h30) 3 afternoons a week
    = 22h30 of French classes per week.
    This 3rd class works as a workshop: acting, videos, photos, poetry, analysis of an exhibition or a project, Comic books, French literature, French songs, or meeting with French craftsmen or artists.

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