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International Baccalaureate preparation course + activities program: July 18 2016

LSF-French-IB-courseAt LSF the IB (International Baccalaureate) preparation course includes 26 weekly group lessons focusing on the exam and also includes an exciting programme of cultural and tourist activities.

The 4 skills tested in the exam are thoroughly prepared : oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral production, and written production. The students work on the methodology, vocabulary and all the themes specific to these exams, while developing their grammatical and communicative skills.

One date is scheduled in 2016: July 18th.

In addition to the 20 Standard group lessons in the morning, the students take specific French courses which are dedicated to the preparation of the IB exam some afternoons.
20 Standard group lessons of 45 minutes each in the morning (15 hours)
+ 6 specific French group lessons of 45 minutes 2 afternoons per week (2 x 2h15)
= 19h30 of French classes per week during 1 week.

Before arrival, students fill in a document stating their expectations and their specific needs. One-to-one lessons may be added to the programme if requested.

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